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Round the three years, at Easter, the bells brought me a large house and a score of Smurf.

The months pass and a beautiful day, I very arranged all in the cupboard.

A score of years later, whit the great happiness of my daughter it found them, and since this moment there we cloud, excavate, one can share all in Belgium, Nederland, France, Germany, USA

Our collection increases every day

They are small blue man, hight beigns like threee appels, equipped whit breeches and bonnet white. They live at the bottom of the forest, in a smzll village where the houses have the mushroom shape. It is impossible to enter their village ithout being accompanied by one by its inhabitants. The Smurf are 100 years old. Oldest of then is called the old man-old man Smurf, one does not know his exact age. When in Papa Smurf, it was 542 yearsold whit " chanterelles "(mushrooms called also girolles).

All Smurf will always keep the same age because the are eternal. The Smurf baby will never grow and Papa Smurf will be always 542 years old.

Papa Smurf is the head of village. One recognizes it thankto this red clothes and his white beard. It is which helps and advises Smurf. He is also a large alchemist and thanks to its knowledge, he often saves Smurf of dangerous situations..

Gargamel lives whit its Azraêl cat in an old house at the edge of the forest. It is a malicious wizard who hates Smurf and does all to catch them.

Fortunately, Smurf are more malignant than him and they are always able to escape to him. After each failure Gargamel always swears to be avenged.

Smurfette was created by unpleasant Gargamel which wanted to sow the disorder among Smurf. At the beginning, Smurfettte was not beautiful, but thanks to its magic formulas, Papa Smurf succeeded in transforming it into pretty a créature. This small blonde whit the malicious eyes makes insane in love all Smurf and their breeze often the heart.

Baby Smurf was brought by astork one harms where the moon was blue. Nobody knows from where it comes.Smurf immediately adopted it. It changed their life but nobody complains some, because all love the Baby Smurf.